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Dividend calc

Easy dividend calculator

Dividend Calc is designed to help you get a sense of your annual dividend returns from your list of stocks.

"If you are an investor and like to buy and sell stocks, then the Dividend Calc will soon become one of your favorite apps."

Stephan Dowless - www.raywenderlich.com


Dividend Calc is no longer available on the App Store

Unfortunately, we had to remove Dividend Calc from the App Store because the data provider has been unreliable and I don't want to have an unreliable app on the App Store that can't do what it promised. If a reliable and cost efficient data provider can be utilized, Dividend Calc can return but for now better not to offer a faulty product.

Feel free to continue to use the app if you already downloaded it but understand that real-time Nasdaq and ETF type fund data cannot be accessed and searching for symbols have become impossible. The general data usage will likely stop working within a year.

There are plenty of great alternatives on the App Store at this point so please try them out. There is an also "Export CSV" feature if you want to take the basic set of data with you.

If you made a recent in-app purchase to remove the ads, you can try to get your refund here:


For any other questions, feel free to contact us here:


Thanks again for using Dividend Calc,

Tomato Boy LLC